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Southland Christian Ministry Training

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Who are You? What Is Life All About?

Recently we had locks fitted to the Chaplain’s centre. In contrast to the existing 1950’s style security, we have now entered the 21st century with state of the art Bi-locks front and rear as well as an official key register! Wonders shall never cease. But has it really changed anything? No! I suspect that the timber in the door frames which hold it all together is severely weakened by age, and with a swift kick the whole door would probably give way!

How true of life in general. We make a big effort to get things looking good, without even looking at the strength of the foundations. But just putting another coat of paint on the rotten timber will not help it to hold up the roof when the next storm comes. You may think that you have your friends and colleagues convinced, you may even look happy, but things have a habit of crashing down when the stress levels rise. If you are finding that your short coping mechanisms of retail therapy or alcohol consumption are no longer working, maybe it is time to look at the real issues.

Who are you? Why are you here? What is life all about? My role as chaplain is not just to help you when it all crashes down, but to be pro-active and give you the tools you may need to renew your foundations and answer the ultimate questions of life and death. But it all starts with you being prepared to admit you have a problem and asking for help. So, if you know that things are not right underneath the slick surface, do something about it today. Find a Chaplain, Priest or Minister, someone you can trust and chat to them today. I believe in a God who works miracles; He is able to keep my office secure AND help you work out the problems in your life.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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