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What Is Easter All About?

What does Easter mean to you? Is it just an excuse for a four day long weekend, or is it something more? Obviously there are some  who have to work, but  most of us have a choice how we use it, which will give a hint as to what it really means to us.

If you choose to use it just to have a good time and watch more sport on TV, then maybe you have missed the point. Easter is a serious time, and maybe in some of that extra time you should stop and consider what really matters in life. Are you investing your life in things of substance or are you just wasting it on things of no consequence?

Easter is above all else, a time of tension. Even the great theologians admit that it is a “time of death and new life, despair and new hope, doubt and new faith”. Out of that tension I have been challenged to ponder, that if God loved me enough to die for me, then surely I should make sure that I paused long enough to hear the facts and recognise the possibilities.

The church is not perfect, but it is a good place to start, so why not plan to attend the church of your choice this Easter weekend.

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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