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What Are You Goals and Dreams for 2010?

What does 2010 hold for you? What is your dream? As I stand at the threshold of a new year it is all too easy to be overwhelmed. As I have sought to look back over the last year there seems to be so much that I didn’t finish … and maybe I am already unrealistic about what I need to do this year! There never seems to be enough time…

Against that backdrop I was reminded of a quote which put it like this:

“It is not what we do, but who we are that matters most in life;

not what we endure, but the way we endure that counts.”

I don’t know who wrote it but it rings true for me. If I work on who I am becoming, these other things will sort themselves out. There will continue to be struggles and competing priorities, but I need to be intentional about where I’m going and what I’m doing. I don’t have all the answers but out of my deliberations my dream is to focus on doing four things:

1. Celebrate! As I assessed 2009 it became obvious that maybe I had focused on the struggles and the losses more than the growth and the wins. Thus I will choose not to wallow in self pity as the victim but recognise and celebrate all that God has done in me and through me through worship.

2. Educate! Part of my role as a chaplain is to teach, but the fact is unless I keep learning there is nothing to share. The longer I live the less I seem to know, but am I prepared to admit that everybody can teach me something? I am choosing to be a learner, and continually look for new opportunities to teach.

3. Demonstrate! Education is not just about taking on board intellectual knowledge, real learning is about integrating that information in to how I live. The challenge for this year is to become a good example, demonstrating God’s love and compassion in practical ways.

4. Communicate! My goal this year is to communicate hope. As I look back over the past year there has been a plethora of voices, but very few of them suggesting the possibility of a positive future. There is doom and gloom on every front, but I am determined to stand against that flow. The hope I offer is not just wishful thinking, but it is real and life changing, anchored in personal faith in Jesus Christ.

What are your aims and goals for 2010? These four things might not resonate with you but it is important that you are intentional about who you are and who you are becoming, so that you may endure and grow through the challenges. I hope I have helped you on that journey.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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