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What are You Committed To?

We live in a very fast moving world. We want everything NOW! We are reluctant to  wait, it is too much hard work to save up, so we buy on credit. Therefore we should not be surprised that many of the young people I have spoken with recently have adopted this philosophy to life. They seem to want to pass exams without having done any study. They want to earn more money yet do less work. They want another chance to get back on course, but are not willing to let it affect their social life. They want successful relationships without investing time in building them. They want great sex without taking responsibility for the outcomes. They want financial security but have never learnt the discipline of budgeting and saving. At times it seems like they want to win the lottery, without ever getting around to even buying a ticket!

Freedom's Battle Being a Comprehensive Collection of Writings and Speeches

Before we decide that this is something new, have a look at the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) who described seven things that will destroy us:

Wealth without work.
Pleasure without conscience.
Knowledge without character.
Commerce without morality.
Science without humanity.
Religion without sacrifice.
Politics without principle.

Our modern society has made an art form out of short cuts, so maybe we need to heed these wise words from Gandhi who was not just an armchair philosopher but the father of modern India, who practiced what he preached! His non-violent approach and austere practices brought him into constant conflict with authorities but he did not allow his personal pain or imprisonment to stop his search for truth. Ultimately he sacrificed his life for his cause when he was shot by a Hindu nationalist. That is committment!

The challenge is, what are you living for and what are you prepared to die for? All the worthwhile things in life cannot be achieved via shortcuts, and it seems to me that we need to again value the above concepts or see our culture and society be destroyed. Maybe the first step is to just slow down, and pray that God might show you what you are committed to and what you need to do to get things back in balance.

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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