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Twins… Twice Blessed.

PPBlogImageTwins01One of the things I was looking forward to when I became “semi-retired” was expanding my role as a grandparent. Over the last couple of weeks of my annual leave the reality of that decision has taken on a whole new dimension. My wife and I thought it would be good fun to take three of our grandchildren (from two different families) on a holiday to Fiji for a week. What could go wrong? Let’s just say that it was a challenging, exciting time, keeping up with two 6 year olds and an 8 year old! How could you top that? While we were away my daughter delivered twin girls! In my current state I was tempted to say “double trouble?” but the reality is “twice blessed!”

PPBlogImageFiji02So, after returning from Fiji feeling somewhat tired we headed down to Canberra to welcome the new arrivals and proceeded to spend four days (and for my wife, three nights) at the hospital! What did I learn from that? We have much to be thankful for! To hold those two small bundles of joy is an amazing experience… reminding me of the miracle of life and the awesome responsibility of parenthood and grandparenthood!

What have you got to be thankful for and what are you going to do about it? Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to express those feelings to our mothers, the mothers we are married to and even the mothers who are among our children! It does not need to be complex or expensive. But taking the time to ring or visit and simply say thanks might be a good start. Take the lead with your children to help them understand what we all owe to our mothers and show them the importance of all of us sharing the work and not just leaving it to Mum!

As my grand-parenting role expands I am also coming to grips with the fact that the older I get, I need MORE rest not LESS! But that is not going to happen this weekend…

Chaplain Ian S Whitley.

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