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The Right Stuff

This week while I was telling stories about my past life as a hospital scientist, I had to admit that I started working as a trainee in the Pathology Lab at Balmain Hospital 40 years ago! On one level it seems like yesterday… but on another it seems like a lifetime… To have been working that long I must be ancient! The fact is, it does not matter how old or young you are, we have all met young people who seem old and old people who seem young. How come? Maturity is not about years, it’s about experience and attitude! What matters is the state of your mind and how you look at the world.

The challenges of working in Pathology are different from being a parish priest or a military chaplain, but the key is to keep learning and growing right through life. Getting married, having children and watching them grow up provides a very different learning experience to the work environment! Now, having grandchildren has forced me into new territory again!

Did you know that:

Francis Chichester sailed around the world solo at age 64?
Winston Churchill became Prime Minister at age 65!
At age 76, Cardinal Angelo Roncalli became Pope John XXIII.

Yet some recruits and trainees (or staff) at age 20-25 would like me to believe that because things are hard, or haven’t turned out the way they planned, it is hopeless! My message is that the best is yet to come! One author I was reading recently pout it like this:

“The trials of life will either wear you down,
or polish you up, depending on what you are made of.”

(Philip Baker)

I am sure that you are made of the right stuff, so, don’t let years or wrinkles stand in the way of your dreams! I am now in my third career, and beginning to plan for what comes next. What about you? You are never too old to change the world!

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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