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The Law of Balance.

The law of balance is universal. This became painfully obvious while trying to master a new set of orthotics, and wondering why the same old shoes now gave me new blisters! When the foundations are altered, there are a whole series of changes that must be made to stay in balance which results in forces being applied to different spots.

Have you ever considered that the earth doesn’t vibrate when it rotates because it is balanced on its axis. The stresses in a building must be balanced or it will collapse. So too, the human body works best if it is “in balance”. This applies, not just in terms of physical balance like my orthotics, but in every aspect. A chemical imbalance will result in either physical or mental illness. Yet this week I have also talked to a number of people whose life was out of balance! For some it was the balance of study and exercise, work versus family time. For others it was finding the balance of how much alcohol to drink to “feel good” and still stay in control. Or findingĀ  the trick of financial balance spending less each fortnight than you earn and saving some, rather than continually spending MORE!

The results of imbalance are always the same: frustration and fatigue. Like unbalanced tyres, you wear out quickly. Unchecked imbalance brings pain, and failure to take appropriate action may cause long-term disability. One researcher even found that “one of the common denominators of peak performers was, contrary to popular myth, that they were not single minded workaholics but rather balanced individuals” (Dr charles Garfield).

So, what are you doing to restore some balance in your life? The challenge may be physcial, mental, social, emotional, spiritual or financial, but know that the law of balance is universal, you ignore it at your peril! Yet, in another sense, this cannot be “fixed” because good balance is all about being flexible enough to cope with the continual changes that life throws at you.

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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