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Southland Christian Ministry Training

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Take The Initiative!

In a past life I was a biochemist. What is more, I am old enough to have been a biochemist who used test tubes and Bunsen burners, read results in a spectrophotometer and worked out the answers on a slide rule. I was very proficient with these crude instruments long before the invention of auto analysers and computers! In those early days there were many tests that were carried out at specific temperatures, and I learnt a valuable lesson: if you have a thermostatically controlled water bath with a thermometer in it… trust the thermometer NOT the thermostat!

Before you tell me that is useless information, I have to admit that I now have a different view! Not only have thermostatically controlled water baths become more effective (while I was still a biochemist), but in broader human terms I have discovered that some people are like thermometers and others like thermostats. Maybe you have met some thermostats, people who can sense the temperature of a group and know just what to do or say that will adjust it to make it more comfortable for all. Sadly there seems to be many others who are just like thermometers, they can sense that things are not right but don’t do anything to fix it!

If you don’t like the situation you are in today, whether at home or at work, don’t complain about it being too hot or too cold, choose to do something about it! Don’t leave it to someone else, take the initiative, you might even find that you are a gifted thermostat which can be relied upon to keep things just right. If your thermostat is crook, and your results are out of range, then maybe you need to get it serviced, and it just so happens that I know the designer who might be able to help. Talk to a Chaplain, Priest or Pastor and they will be able to give you an introduction!

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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