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Swift, Decisive, Resilient and Respected

This week the RAAF released a new vision statement which is worth pondering:

One team – swift, decisive, resilient and respected

But what does that really mean? Amidst a plethora of vision and mission statements and catchy phrases how do we decide what really matters? Words, even good words are cheap, what matters is whether we are really a “values based” organisation, and seeking to be a community, one team all with the same aims and goals. That cannot be forced, it is a choice which we need to make daily, which will be reflected by our actions. As the Commander reminded us this week that change will not happen as a result of just beefing up the rules but by changing our own attitudes.

We are called to be swift. Reminds me of the story that says: “man is the only animal that when it is lost it tends to go faster”. Of course it is not just about speed, but denotes a willingness to respond to specific needs without procrastination and buck passing in lieu of action!

Thus the challenge is to be decisive and not to make excuses! This requires an ability to get the facts, understand the context, and take responsibility for making decisions in a reasonable time frame. That is not always easy, because I find that at every corner we are faced with more and more governance and statutory regulations we have to work with! Yet if we are to become one team, a community that cares about each other we need to swiftly and decisively find a way forward – even if it requires us to get rid of some rules.

If we continue down that path we will face obstacles, frustrations and what may look like failure. Resilience is about recognising that just losing one battle will not decide the war! If we are going to fulfil our calling, we have to keep getting up after we have been knocked down and refusing to lower our standards. That is how we should be seeking to develop productive working relationships without undermining character.

The inevitable end result of that approach is respect. We are part of an influential, trusted, professional organisation with a long, proud history and yet ongoing respect and credibility are not automatic they must be earned.

What are you doing today and this week to make that vision a reality? For some of us that may require a miracle, but you are in luck, I also believe in miracles! You may need God’s help to change, to grow, to become a valued member of that one team, swift, decisive, resilient and respected.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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