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As the Soccer World Cup hots up, have you noticed that for some people winning is everything? This is what will put Australia on the list as a successful sporting country because everyone knows that soccer is ‘real football’ and up till now we have never quite made it! But will this really change anything?

Surely there is more to life than that? Is winning everything? Maybe we have lost touch with sport’s more traditional values of striving for excellence, recognising personal achievement, the value of team work and the fact that sport should be fun! It seems that all the ‘hype’ an ‘drivenness’ to win at any cost and to be seen as ‘successful’ misses the point.

Our culture continually temps us to exalt ourselves, to impress others and get the recognition we deserve, whether personally or corporately. The Bible calls for a very different approach, calling for those who want to be great to be servants! It is said that the great artist Michaelangelo painted the celing of the Sistine Chapel with a candle fastened to his head! Why? He did not want his shadow to get in the way of his work! A timely reminder for all of us!

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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