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Is Your Life In Balance?

This week has been busy, trying to re-organise after one of the chaplains here has been deployed to MEAO – while covering a range of extras like induction briefs and the normal personnel issues, with planning for the future and looking after myself, continually failing to get on the priority list.

If you told me things like that I would ask you if your life was “in balance”. Ouch! An honest answer is “no, but – I could give you a range of good excuses – but neither of us would be convinced.”

Like many people it is not till I try to sleep that all these things encroach on me and I found myself tossing and turning, stewing on all the things that I did not have time to do or the ability to fix. The it hit me, I knew what I had to do. I blew off the dust from my spinning wheel, and began to allow the rhythm of the wheel to calm my mind and relive some of the built up of emotional tension. The raw, black merino wool felt good in my fingers, but it seemed to take a while for my foot and hands to co-ordinate – resulting in a fairly thick rough yarn with lumps – but it did improve.

What are you doing to get your life back into balance? It sounds simple, but it never is. For me it was a physical activity that helped me work through some mental and spiritual issues, thus getting my life back in rhythm. That is life, plying the multitude of fine strands together, sorting out some sharp burrs, so that the result is making some useful yarn out of a messy fleece – bringing order out of chaos. Ok, it is not perfect – there are too many lumps and bumps and grass seeds, but the reduction of internal stress was worth it.

Don’t put it off any longer – do something to get your life back into balance. If you need a spinning lesson – come and see me.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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