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How Has This Year Been For You?

As we begin to wrap up the year, share in farewells, have Christmas parties and prepare for leave, I would challenge you to take some time out to consider your journey. But how do you do that? A great way to start is to think through the following questions:

Challenges faced this year? Which ones did I win? Lose? Draw? What did I learn about myself in the process?

Help? Who have I helped? Who has helped me? Have I been thankful? What can I do to help others in the future?

Relationships? How have I built my relationship with my partner? My children? Other family members? Are these relationships healthy?

Inspiration? Has God spoken to me? Have I given God a chance to do that by praying and reading the Bible? Did I respond appropriately?

Social Skills? Have I made new friends this year? Have I made an effort to keep in contact with old friends? Am I happy with my social life?

Time? Have I used my time wisely or squandered it? Have I allowed myself to become too busy with the urgent pushing out the important?

Mental Development? What have I learnt this year? Have I sought to apply these lessons to my life and work? What should I learn next?

All Round Fitness? Have I taken care of my body, maintained the right balance of rest and exercise? Good diet? What do I need to do to get in better shape?

Spiritual Growth? Have I given God his rightful place in my life? Have I taken the opportunities to meet God and worship Him?

This Christmas break is an ideal time to re-evaluate who you are and where you are going. But don’t stop there, consider who you want to become and what you want to achieve next year and start planning now. Move beyond the blame game, take responsibility for who you are. But remember, you don’t have to stay there, the mystery of Christmas is that Jesus was born to help you become who God wants you to be. May you receive that gift this Christmas!

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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