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Hope For The Future

Do you have hope for the future? This week I have spoken with many who are struggling with hopelessness. Hope is pretty important stuff! Somewhere I read that you can live for 30 days without food, 3 days without water, 3 minutes without air, but less than 30 seconds without hope! So what do you do when you have none? This week it seems that the majority have heard that the answer is to get some from the Padre! If you are confronted with painful changes and feeling overwhelmed, I do NOT have any quick and easy solutions, but change is here to stay, so you need to learn to cope.

Here are three things that you can choose to do:

1 CHANGE YOUR MIND! Every human has the ability to change what they think. Therefore, if you know that your current way of dealing with things is not working, choose to do something different. Seek to get a new perspective on life, see your life through somebody else’s eyes and you might be surprised to find new options to think about.

2 CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE! You may not be able to change how you got to where you are now, but you can choose how you feel. Start by admitting how you feel, own those negative feelings and then decide to rise above them. Choose to believe that you can and you will feel better soon.

3 CHANGE YOUR INPUT! There are a lot of negative influences out there, and if you know that certain people or things always start you thinking negative and feeling bad, refuse to accept their input. If you feel yourself sliding downhill, find some healthy encouraging people, and do something positive!

One book I was reading this week said that “in the first 18 years of life you will receive 15,000 positive affirmations, mostly in the first three years, and 225,000 negative ones.” (Andrew Sercombe) No wonder we have so many negative people! Choose to be different, change a few things and let that passionate, positive you shine through. But I can’t take the credit for any of that advice – I lifted it from The Bible – Philippians 4:6-8. And on top of that God offers not just hope but His peace as well.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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