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This morning I went for a quiet stroll. I did a 5 kilometre walk in about 39 minutes, and I decided maybe I was not quite as fit as I thought! How would you rate your personal fitness?  Most Physical Trainer Instructors reckon that about half an hour per day exercise should maintain your level IF you are eating sensibly. But if you know that you are carrying a few extra kilojoules or want to get fitter then you will need to expand your programme to about one hour per day and may also need to consult with the PTI to help you set some specific targets.

But, is that all there is to fitness? No! You are more than just a body! Wherever you are in life, it is important to get your mind in shape as well.  How much time do you spend each day exercising your gray matter? Most of us can do a lot of our daily work without really thinking and the end result is that we get bored with life. My challenge is that each of us should spend about half an hour a day developing our minds. How? I’ve found the best way to do that is through reading and thinking about how that applies to life. I am always on the lookout for great quotes and this one from Marcel Proust puts it beautifully:

“the real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”.

If you need renewed vision, you do not need a transplant, rather you need to be educating your mind to see old things in new ways! So, half an hour per day will maintain you at your current level,l but if you want to improve your mind, you will need to stretch and do more than that.  Keep in mind, it is not just how much you read, but what you read. The fact is, choice – not chance – controls your destiny, so choose to get physically and mentally fit.

Yet, life is more than a body and a mind, we also have a spirit, which is often the most neglected part. You may have had some religious training as a child, but is that enough for you as an adult? Do you know what you believe? Does it matter? Yes, it does! Maybe you need to spend some time getting spiritually fit, and yes, it will take about half an hour per day, but if you are a long way behind or want to grow quicker, it will take more. How? Find a Padre, Priest or Pastor and they will help you find a programme to fit you, which will cover scripture reading, prayer and attending church.

So don’t waste your time, use it wisely to get fit, and stay fit, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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