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Coping With Change

It was with interest that I read a recent article called “Continuous Improvement Ponderings”. In the light of all the people I talk to who are already in ‘change fatigue’ mode, the thought of this process continuing for the next ten years and saving $20 Billion in the process seems overwhelming! The ‘rolling wave’ feels like it is drowning many, so here are a few helpful hints on how to stay afloat, and surf that wave instead. So, instead of focusing on the demand for Improved Accountability, Improved Planning and Enhanced Productivity,

  • Keep the big picture in focus! We all want to pay less in taxes, we do not want to see waste in any level of government! We need to be able to accept the fact that there some things that we can’t change, so don’t fight it, see what you can do to make that big picture a reality.
  • Maintain a positive attitude! Yes, this process will bring pain – all changes do, but the challenge is to refuse to focus on just the negatives and seek out the positive aspects.
  • Get the facts! All too often we are content to operate and make decisions on assumptions which may or may not be accurate. This new world order will only ‘work’ if the foundations are based on solid truth.
  • Refuse to focus on the past! We will never return to the good old days – they were not that good anyway. Yes, we must learn from the past, but to build a new and better future we need visionaries who are open to new possibilities.
  • Move forward with confidence! Start each day with a clean slate, remembering that each day brings new opportunities. Yes, there are many challenges and unknowns but with some innovative, creative approaches we can achieve what many believe to be impossible!

While on leave I was able to do some surfing. On one particular day it was big, I felt intimidated by the size and was tempted to just go home and do something else. Yet when a couple of other board riders decided to have a go, I joined them. It was not easy getting out, and I felt unprepared for the challenge, but at the right time I took the plunge and caught one of the best rides of my life! We can spend all our time and effort whinging about the Strategic Reform Program (SRP) or we can choose to catch the wave. Yes, it is a big wave, and it is not necessarily going to be easy to get in position to catch it, but it offers the ride of your life, if you attack it with the right attitudes. Come to think about it those five points apply to most areas of life, so stop playing around and get on with making the most of what God has given you – this is your life, not a dress rehearsal!

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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