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Choose To Be Positive

Recently I shared the fact that one of my roles is Life Coaching, the trouble is all those great questions will do you no good if you fail to act and follow through on those resolutions. The fact is we live life by making choices and a heap of good intentions will change nothing! It seems to me that to find happiness, to be productive and achieve the goals you set in life, you need to make the right choices. We can all look back on times when we blew it, but as George Eliot said:

“It is never too late to be what you might have become.”

The older I get the more convinced I am that even though I have no control of some of the things that happen to me I still have choices like:

  1. I can choose to smile! It costs you nothing and it is a priceless gift you can give to everyone you meet today. As you smile, look those people in the eye, really connect with them and it will make both you and them feel better.
  2. I can choose to be optimistic! Somewhere I read that there have never been a monument to a pessimist, because they never achieve anything, they just kill other people’s dreams. Decide to look on the positive today.
  3. I can choose to be balanced! A life that is out of balance is unstable and often destructive, so take some steps to fix things. It may be in the physical, mental, relational or spiritual realm. Address that wobble before it puts you out of action.
  4. I can choose to be compassionate! What act of kindness can I do for those around me, to show that I really care? The item that has come up a couple of times this week is that it is as simple as making a phone call to your mother!
  5. I can choose to forgive! Holding onto that grudge will only hurt me in the long term. Somebody has said unforgiveness is like acid, it will attack the vessel in which it is stored, so get rid of it!
  6. I can choose to be thankful! Are you grateful for all the things that you have? Take time today to express your thanks to those who are close to you, show that you appreciate them!
  7. I can choose to be enthusiastic! Life is meant to be lived with gusto, so get excited about it! The origin of this term comes from the Greek “En Theos” which literally means “In God”. So if you need help to get enthusiastic about you life, then maybe you need to get connected with God!

Who and where we are today is the result of choices we made yesterday. You cannot change the past, but you can change the choices you are making today.

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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