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What Is Truth?

Did I ever tell you the story of the businessman who was starting up a company and was working on a series of questions to ask all his applicants. Since he suspected that there was a wide range of people from varied backgrounds applying, he tried to keep it simple and after much deliberation he decided that the first question he would ask is “What is 2 plus 2?”

You need both a compass and a map to find your way.

You need both a compass and a map to find your way.

The first interviewee had been a journalist for a number of years and immediately saw it as a trick question. In his field of expertise, 4 is never big enough to get any interest so answered confidently twenty-two?

The next applicant came from an engineering background, so took out his calculator and demonstrated that the answer had to be somewhere between 3.999 and 4.001

The third person was a lawyer, who quoted a range of cases in which 2 and 2 had been proved to be 4, however, there was currently a challenge in the high court that may overturn that decision.

The last applicant was an accountant, who carefully confirmed the question with a raised eyebrow… How much is two and two? Then he stood up, went to the door, closed it and returned to his seat. He paused, leaned across the desk and asked in a low voice: “How much do you want it to be?”

I am sure… well, almost sure that would not happen within the military environment but people in all walks of life are known to:

  • Inflate the truth
  • Bend the truth
  • Fudge the truth a little, or just
  • Fail to tell the whole truth.

The fact is, truth cannot be manipulated, 2 plus 2 will always equal 4 no matter how many ‘authorities’ say otherwise. We may try to rationalise our actions or justify why this is an exception but the truth will always be the truth! Any relationship, personal or professional, that does not have truth as its foundation will never reach its full potential.

And remember:

Whenever you have truth it must be given with love,

or the message and the messenger will be rejected.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Padre Ian Whitley AM