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The Best Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentines Day! What are you giving your Valentine? An expensive trinket? Flowers? A cuddly teddy bear? That is what the media is encouraging you to do but it seems that what our Valentines rally want is US! The trick is being and becoming someone your partner will be happy to receive. So here are six helpful hints on what to aim for:

  1. BE YOURSELF! We all want people to like us, especially Valentines we are trying to impress, so we often try to cover up the real “me”. You cannot build a relationship on lies so the first step is to accept yourself and be yourself.
  2. BE FAITHFUL! In a rapidly changing society we all need security. If you cannot trust your Valentine to be faithful, then one of the basic foundations of your relationship is missing. Can you trust yourself?
  3. BE A LEARNER! Our lives should be a continual learning experience, not just in terms of our vocation but also in terms of relationships. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to learn a little more about your partner and what pleases them.
  4. BE REASONABLE! Friendship is never just plain sailing, it is a continual test of wisdom and patience. This Valentine’s Day may not turn out as you planned it, so take the time to be reasonable and ask yourself “Is this issue really worth arguing about?” Don’t let the urgent squeeze out the important. A reasonable approach seeks to get the whole picture, accept compromises and find new answers to old problems.
  5. BE READY TO LAUGH! Humour is one of the best lubricants to quieten friction within a relationship. Don’t take yourself so seriously, learn to laugh and you will find that it is not just good medicine, it is essential to relational harmony. It seems that, sometimes in the business of life, we have forgotten how to relax and play together as friends and valentines.
  6. BE THANKFUL! Don’t take your valentine for granted, be thankful for them, value them. When was the last time you expressed thanks to them for doing all those little things that you just expected? When was the last time you paused to thank God for the gift of each other?

Have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

Chaplain Ian S Whitley