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Leading My Team

Op Slipper March, SydneyDo you ever have weeks when you wonder whether your team is actually working together? We all have our issues, and the result is there doesn’t seem enough team left to do all that needs to be done! Been there? Welcome to my world! On top of everything else, I had to give a presentation on workplace relations and you guessed it, the focus was teamwork!

What does it mean to be a team and work together? The fact is, in the military none of us are called to be lone rangers, we all need to work in teams. So how can we do it better? Here are five important aspects (all starting with C to make them easier to remember) to start you thinking:

  • Commander’s intent! The team needs to listen to the commander and grasp the big picture of what is expected of the whole team. We need to be able to grasp that destination before we can decide on
  • Common goals! The big picture needs to be broken down to smaller, achievable goals so that the team can see how they are progressing towards the end result, without losing sight of the need to
  • Care about each other! The team will only function well if we are prepared to help each other, looking for creative ways to support and encourage the members that are struggling, recognising that we all need each other. In effect our aim is
  • Co-operation not competition! We are all different, with a range of diverse gifts and abilities, so let us focus, not on our differences but on ways to flexibly use our distinctiveness! There will continue to be limits on our resources so it is only through cooperation that we can prioritise and achieve the most important goals, recognising a need to
  • Continue learning! Instead of putting all our energy into finding short cuts, let us make a commitment to keep growing as individuals and as a team, finding new answers to old problems. Attitude is the key. However, that may mean getting out of your comfortable rut!

OK, maybe that is an oversimplification, but you have to start somewhere! The chaplain’s team I work in is seeking to put that in practice, so look out because we also believe in miracles. You may even see some changes in the future because we believe that God will bless right priorities!

Chaplain Ian S Whitley