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Are You A Weed?

Since moving into my new house at Kellyville, I have succumbed to the pressure and done some gardening. We got rid of most of the overgrown jungle and planted some new plants. Sadly the expensive items are struggling to get established, but the weeds are flourishing! It’s not fair! Why did God make weeds?

Well, God ultimately made everything so I suppose he made weeds as well, but I thought that God only makes good things?

As I pondered this a friend suggested that the problem with this argument is my definition of weed. He said, “There is no such thing as a real weed, there are just good plants that are in the wrong place”. Thus every plant God created with a purpose, and good role in the food chain, it is just that sometimes they get out of balance and find themselves in the wrong place. Often the real problem is my arrogance that thinks that everything revolves around me! Those things I see as weeds in my garden would be a great source of food for a hungry sheep!

What are the weeds in your life? Maybe it is time that you got rid of some of the good things that have got out of balance, that have become weeds because they are in the wrong place! It could be a friendship that is threatening your marriage, or your job which you have allowed to affect your work-life balance. Now is the time to deal with these weeds, before they take over the things that your garden should be producing.

Final thought, are you the weed – a good thing created by God that is just in the wrong place? We became weeds when we did our own thing and were cast out of God’s garden. He wants to rescue us, change us and transform us so that we can fit back into his garden, and be all that he created us to be. That is deep, but if you are struggling to make sense of your life and find balance in the mental, physical or spiritual realm, maybe it is time to ask for God’s help.

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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