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Anger Management

Recently as I reviewed what I had been doing, it looked pretty heavy. I have spent lots of time with people helping them deal with tension. It seems that there are lots of people who are angry, angry with the world, angry with family, angry with the RAAF and maybe even angry with God. However, many of us try to hide it even from ourselves, suppressing it until it suddenly breaks through the surface with destructive results. The fact is, anger is now endemic within our society and watching the daily news only confirms that this is a very angry world in which we live.

However, recognising the problem doesn’t change anything! Here are some helpful suggestions about what to do with your anger:

  • Acknowledge it! Decide to be open and honest about it and try to find the cause. Although “confession” is not part of my tradition, it has a good biblical basis, and is often the best way to get it out in the open so it can be dealt with.
  • Not sin! Just being angry is not a sin, the key is to not let your anger control you and lead you to do things that you will regret later. Look at the big picture.
  • Get rid of it! Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry. Don’t hang on to it – let it go! Often we get angry because we feel attacked or hard done by, so getting rid of it may mean giving up the desire to get even. Be big enough and mature enough to forgive. But how?
  • Exchange it! We all need something to live for, so exchange your anger for kindness, compassion and love. Instead of allowing anger to control you, channel it into positive action that will benefit others. Sadly, for many people anger has become so much part of them that they can’t do it on your own,  it requires a miracle!
  • Renew your relationship with God! We all need help to be able to see how destructive our anger is and what we can and should do about it.  The miracle is that God offers to each of us a new start, power to control our anger and start again with a clean slate IF we ask for His help.

Yes, anger is a fact of life, you might be angry about the death of a child, the betrayal of a partner, the disappointment of a friend, the demands of a boss or lack of direction from God. Deal with it and move forward! I also have a confession to make, I ripped off the above points from the Bible in Ephesians 4:26-28! Nobody ever said it would be easy, so if you’re stuck, find someone who can help you, and keep you accountable.

Chaplain Ian S Whitley

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