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A New Invention

Guglielmo was born in 1874. He attended the local schools in Italy and emerged as a bright student with an interest in physics. In 1894 he spent his entire summer holidays on the third floor of his parents home, reading and filling notebooks with squiggly diagrams, working day and night till he constructed a crude apparatus to test his hypothesis.

When the day finally came, he invited his family to witness his invention. He pushed a button on the third floor and succeeded in ringing a bell on the first floor, without the use of a cable between them! His mother was amazed, his father was not! He, in as many words, told him he should get a real job and earn some money! Yet with little or no encouragement he was able to improve his invention and increase the range to over one mile! But nobody in Italy wanted to know about it, so he took his ideas to England in 1896 and registered his first patent on an instrument that could send and receive signals over a distance of four miles. He experimented on communication with ships at sea, and though there was still much skepticism, in 1899 set up a station on each side of the English Channel which opened the way for radio communication between France and Britain.

By 1902 he had perfected his invention and was able to transmit and receive messages over 700 miles by day and 2,000 miles by night! How? Partly it was inspiration but mostly it was perseverance! Guglielmo Marconi went down in history as the inventor of wireless telegraphy and paved the way for modern radio. He was never rich but did win the Nobel Peace prize in Physics and a seat in the Italian Senate!

The fact is YOU can accomplish anything you set your heart on IF you have a clear vision AND work hard at it! As it says in the Bible:

“Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hastly shortcuts lead to poverty” (Prov 21:5)

You can’t blame anybody else…if it’s going to be, it’s up to me!

Chaplain Ian Whitley

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